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Inward Investment Projects

Outward Investment Project

Ruzhou Feed Production Base pr
Annual Output of 1000T Pectin
Xiaohuangzhou Island Ecologica
Development of Chief Cornersto
New construction of Jinjing wa
Development of Putang Resort
Construction of planting base
Development of the First Phase
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Outward Investment Projects

Project Name Industry Location
Pancevo Combined Cycle Power Plant in Serbia (EP electricity, heat, g Europe
Tharjath Combustion Engine Power Plant in South electricity, heat, g Africa
Egypt’s Third 120t/d Rolled Glass Production Lin manufacturing indust Africa,Egy
GPUFP Project in Bangladesh (EPC) agriculture, forestr Asia,Bangl
Five Cascade Hydropower Stations on the Upper Re electricity, heat, g Asia
Haji Lake Hydropower Station in Papua New Guinea electricity, heat, g Africa,Gui
Wuhuan 200000t/y PVC Project in Bangladesh manufacturing indust Asia,Bangl
6MW Biomass Generated Power Station Project (EPC electricity, heat, g Asia,Thail
Heavy Oil Power Station and Auxiliary Line Proje electricity, heat, g Africa,Sud
German Industrial Heat Exchange System Manufactu manufacturing indust Europe,Ger
2500000t/y Oil Hydrocracking Project (EPC) electricity, heat, g Europe,Rus
The Construction of a Natural Gas Pipeline in Ra electricity, heat, g Asia,Thail
Gold Mines in Southern Bolivar and Coal Mines in mining industry Europe
A Hydrocracking Construction Project for Produci electricity, heat, g Europe,Rus
Aluminum of Greece’s Expansion Project of 850,00 electricity, heat, g Europe,Gre
The Electric Transmission Line in Muniushan’s Wi electricity, heat, g Europe
Construction of an Electrolytic Manganese Projec electricity, heat, g Europe,Rus
Installation of a Biomass Boiler for a Pulp Mill manufacturing indust Europe,Rus
Phase I Expansion Project of the Ferroalloy Plan mining industry,non- Asia,Malay
The Construction of the 350MW Baruisa Coal-fired electricity, heat, g Asia,Bangl
The Construction of Luate Hydro Power Plant in P electricity, heat, g Asia,Pakis
The Construction of a 600-MW Wind Power Plant in Power, heat, gas and Europe
Chrispod 350MW Combined Cycle Gas-fired Power Pl Electric power, ther Ghana, Afr
Power Transmission and Transformation Project LO Electric power, ther Kenya, Afr
An electric engine company in Germany Manufacturing, auto
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