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Project Description
Project Description
Red Deer Series Product Deep Processing Project

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Type of Investment Intention Foreign Investment in China
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Type of Investment
Industry hotel and catering services industry 
Introduction of Company/Organisation
Validity of Investment Intention 半年 
Estimated Investment  Ten thousand U.S. dollars
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Investment Intention Description

I. Background: Tianlu Deer Industry Co., Ltd of the 161st Regiment of No. 9 Agriculture Production Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps is Tianshan Red Deer Science Demonstration Base of the Institute of Special Animal and Plant Science of, CAAS. The “Xinjiang Tianshan Red Deer Species Base” implemented by the Company makes the regiment a source place of high-quality red deer species – Tianshan “Tianlu” red deer series for the whole Xinjiang. At present, the breeding scale of red deer is up to 3,000 and the base has developed into the largest red deer farm integrating Tianshan red deer feeding, breeding, and deer product research, development and processing in Northern Xinjiang. However, the processing methods of the 161st Regiment is still at the initial handling stage, the products contain low scientific contents and the processing scale is small and cannot meet the market demand. So, a powerful enterprise is needed to improve product quality and processing scale of red deer to develop deer products with high scientific contents. II. Contruction content: It is proposed to process such series products as velvet blood alcohol, velvet pieces, deer embryo capsules, pantocrine capsules and so on. III. Investment estimate: RMB 8 million. IV. Benefit analysis: the return on investment is 35%, with payback period of 3 years. V. Location of construction site: the 161st Regiment of No. 9 Agriculture Production Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

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