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Project Description
Project Name
Transfer of the Falls Resort in Australia and Sale of the farm in Australia
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Project Type Equity investment projects

Investment Mode
Industry  Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery
Location Australia, Oceania
Project Advantages
Project validity period Two years
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Project properties encouraged
Estimated Investment
Total amount of project capitals 16.88 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Total amount of investment to be attracted 16.88  Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue  Ten thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected investment payback period  Year
Expected employment figure People
Project description
Description of environment protection

Description of investor conditions
Description of project contents
Sale of the Mungalli Falls land and the farm in Australia The property, where the Mungalli Falls (the only freehold falls in Queensland, Australia) is located, is on sale. The land, covering an area of 152 hectare (or 2,288 mu), will be sold at the price of USD 16.88 million. Surrounded by lofty mountains and beautiful falls, it boasts a unique scenery. The land has been approved to have five-star hotels built on it. All buildings on this land, such as the outdoor education center, the development training camp, the cafe and the student dormitory, will be sold together without extra charge. The property is so attractive and charming with pristine creeks, the Mungalli Falls with a vertical drop of more than 100 meters and various wild animals and birds. For more details, please contact: Miss Miranda Cell phone +61421823309. For English speaker, please contact: Frank Gilpatrick Tell phone: +61740563447 +61 423484111. Domestic consultation: Andrew C Cell phone: 18026903208 Mungalli Falls, located in Queensland, Australia, is a tourism falls property covered by rainforest. It is a fat chance to own and develop a tourist attraction, a resort, a golf course or high-class villas with an area of 377 acre (or 152 hectare). The Mungalli Falls is the only freehold waterfall in Queensland. There are many unique attractions on this land, such as lush rainforest, high mountains, pristine rivers and superior falls dropping more than 100 meters. As a tourism property, this land, with a great potential for investment and development, is the habitat for various wild animals and birds. Additionally, it is only 50 minutes away from one of the world wonders – the Great Barrier Reef. An excellent location! We sincerely welcome you to view this remarkable investment project, and we are sure that you will be satisfied with it! 1) The land is a suitable place for investors of big projects and collective investors to develop as a tourism project or a resort land. There is a beautiful freehold water fall dropping more than 100 meters – the Mungalli Falls. 2) There are a Mungalli outdoor education center, 8 log cabins which can accommodate 32 people, and 6 hotels in rainforest which can accommodate 240 people, and with restaurants, cafes, bus stops and a helipad in them. 3) It has been approved to build a five-star hotel with 120 rooms and all supporting facilities in the unique and quiet rainforest. 4) Located in the interior of Cairns – the famous tourist attraction with the Great Barrier Reef, this place is just like a Shangri-la with clean air and picturesque scenery. 5) You can build comprehensive resorts or houses on this land. Other development projects beyond the permit can also be considered. There is another hotel with more facilities, such as a world class golf course consisting of 18 holes, a co-construction research center of rainforest with Australian universities, a polo field, a roofed equestrian field, a gymnasium, an orchard, a student dormitory, campuses of universities in rainforest and a big restaurant with creeks and small rainforest rooms. 6) We own the licenses for visiting Wooroonoora National Park in groups and licenses and permits for drifting in the river. All permits and licenses of related business will be sold together without extra charge. 7) An opportunity for immigration – people who invest in or buy this property will have the opportunity to apply for business or other long-term visas and permanent resident visas. 8) Convenient transportation. It is only 120 kilometers from the Cairns international airport, which is just five minutes away, 12 kilometers from the Millaa Millaa town, and 50 kilometers from the west of Mourilyan Harbour and Innisfail, which is the entrance of the Great Barrier Reef. The planned blocks of this land Swanwood private limited company, the private company of the Trout family has been appointed as the trustee of the full ownership and all transaction project of this land. The nominated number of the trustee is T640759X. The plan of the property of the Mungalli Falls are as follows: 1) Block 1 in the registered plan 738710 covers an area of 8.38 hectares. (With a water fall café and the freehold waterfall -- Mungalli Falls) 2) Block 267 in registered plan 8023 covers an area of 40.99 hectares. (The government has approved that a 5-star hotel with 120 rooms and all supporting facilities can be built on it.) 3) Block 4 in registered plan 738710 covers an area of 41.98 hectares. 4) Block 2 in registered plan 711702 covers an area of 48.66 hectares. (There is a student dormitory with 260 beds.) High-rise apartments or villas are also be approved to be built on this land. 5) Block 2 in registered plan 743910 covers an area of 12.93 hectares. Note: a. Block No. 267 has got the permit. The concept map are not provided, since developers are expected to operate according to their own designs of five-star hotels b. A detailed list of plants and facilities can be provided when you view this property.
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