Project Name
annual production of ten thousand lithium batteries project
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Development Area
Project Type Greenfield investment projects
Investment Mode wholly-owned
Industry computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing
Location Asia,
Project Advantages Located in Longling Industry West Park which provides benefit traffic, low staple logistics cost and fully supported technical and employment.
Project validity period a Year
Project Investment Attraction Progress in negotiation
Mark general
Project properties encouraged
Total amount of project capitals 8701
Total amount of investment to be attracted 8701 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue 18000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected investment payback period Ten Thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected employment figure 320
Description of environment protection
Description of investor conditions
Description of project contents Construction details & scale: The project covers an area of 100 acres, totally. The beltline is equipped with subsidiary manufacture facilities, domestic installation, electrical (power) equipments, electrical pipelines, inspection equipment, handling equipment and we newly built a beltline of car motive lithium ion battery, annual produced 1000 MWH. Investment Estimate: Totally, 0.6 billion RMB, which fixed assets investigate 0.4 billion RMB, circulating capita investigates 0.2billion RMB. Benefits Prediction: Annual income 1 billion RMB, annual profit 0.18 billion RMB, annual tax 38 million RMB, provided 320 new employment. Cooperation form: Sole proprietorship Project Preparations: Project Feasibility Study Report completed.