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Project Description
Project Name
’Poetry source Washington’ four-star hotel projects
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Industry true hotel and catering services industry
Location Asia,
Project Advantages ’Poem source Washington’ project by fangxian county ChengBangSheng alum real estate development co., LTD., invest in the construction, the project construction began in May 2013, the total area of 98 mu, of which the hotel covers an area of about 25 acres of subject project. ’Poem source Washington hotel’ in strict accordance with the four-star hotel standard design construction, 18 floors hotel subject, main body construction area of 28000 ㎡. Most of hotel facilities complete degree and fangxian county! Equipped with more than 200 parking Spaces on the ground, dockable large tour bus, more than 100 underground parking Spaces. Other supporting fangxian county unique oversize independent four levels of commercial complex, 16000 ㎡. After the completion of the hotel, will become the fangxian county is the most advantageous geographical location, the most complete supporting facilities, business, leisure, entertainment, accommodation, catering for the integration of fangxian county landmark four-star hotel. At present, the construction project has been basically completed, in the stage of hot investment.
Project validity period Six months
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Project properties encouraged
Estimated Investment
Total amount of project capitals 3500 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Total amount of investment to be attracted 1500 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue 6000 Ten thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected investment payback period 4 Year
Expected employment figure 240 People
Project description
Description of environment protection

In line with national environmental standards

Description of investor conditions
Have experience of hotel investment or management.
Description of project contents
The project covers a total area of 98 mu, building area of 310000 ㎡. Among them: 25 acres of land used for construction of four-star hotel, the main body construction area of about 28000 ㎡, body building, 18th floor, the floor 1 floor underground. Presidential suites, executive suites, deluxe business standard rooms, deluxe business room, etc. 299 rooms. Cover the characteristic Chinese food stores, chain of tea restaurant chain KTV, foot bath sauna service area, service area, gymnasium, beauty salon, cinema, large banquet hall, multi-function hall and conference rooms. Form a complete set of 73 mu of land for building houses, shops, parking lots and other supporting facilities.
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